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HSV 1 or 2 Package

HSV 1 or 2 Package


Based on your health concerns with the herpes simplex virus, we recommend our comprehensive $494 Intercellular Cleanse, which is available on our website. This package includes a variety of products to address your specific needs effectively:


1. Alpha Cleanse: Eliminates waste, toxins, bacteria, excess mucus & fat, cleansing the body on an intercellular and intracellular level.

2. Brain & Memory Boost: Regenerates neurons in the brain and central nervous system, defending against brain disorders and aiding in memory and mental stability. This is particularly important as the herpes virus can affect and hide in the brain and central nervous system.

3. Fluid Flush: Helps break stagnation of toxins and supports a healthy lymphatic system, aiding in the removal of unwanted body fat and fluids.

4. Hops Extract: Reduces inflammation, assists with pain relief, and calms nerves.

5. Immune Defense: Boosts the immune system, aiding the body in fighting off viruses and pathogens.

6. Mass Eliminator: Helps remove masses, fibroids, tumors, and calcification throughout the body.

7. Mineral Luxe Seamoss: Seamoss Powder/Tablets rich in essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health.


This package is designed to last for one month of treatment. After this period, you should either see complete eradication of the ailment or a decrease in your IGG numbers. If you are cured, you can conclude the program, but if not, and the IGG number has decreased, it's recommended to continue with another package until the virus is eradicated.


For the best results, it is mandatory to follow the provided alkaline diet throughout the program. This package requires a full commitment to take the products daily and make dietary changes. Depending on your initial IGG numbers, the expected time for disease reversal is approximately 1-3 months for lower numbers and 3-6 months for higher numbers.

(One package per month.)


It is crucial to have an updated IGG number to monitor your progress accurately. Additionally, this package not only targets the herpes virus but also restores every functioning body system, contributing to the reversal of other health concerns.


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